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A Tale of Two Churches

A Tale of Two Churches

by Angela McKnight
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This past Sunday, we had a unique experience as our church met for worship and a meal with another church. As I reflect on the events of the day, I realize that there were so many examples of loving like Jesus.  I’m sharing some of the examples with the hope that they will be encouraging you today.

Since our congregation is a new church plant, we do not yet have a building of our own.  The church that we worshipped on with on Sunday has graciously been allowing us to use their facility for our own worship services over the past month.  This Sunday was the first time that we met together.  The host congregation is loving like Jesus by sharing their space with us.

As we gathered for worship with two congregations that had never met each other, many people reached out to each other with welcoming words of greeting.  They spent time briefly getting to know each other prior to the service.  Loving like Jesus means welcoming others.

The service began with four young ladies who followed the Lord in believers’ baptism.  Two of the college students stood in the baptistry together because one of them had led the other to Christ by sharing the gospel with her.  After they were baptized, they embraced each other in a heartfelt hug as sisters in Christ.  Loving like Jesus means sharing the good news with others.  

Another one of the young ladies who was baptized was my 12-year-old daughter.  Her dad, my husband, was the one who baptized her, and as she gazed up at him during the baptism, it was obvious the spiritual influence that he has had on her life as her dad.  As parents, one of the first ways in which we need to love like Jesus is to disciple our own children.

During the service, there were various other situations in which people sacrificed for others, such as passing out bulletins, giving their time to help with the baptisms, serving in the sound booth, or giving up their seats.  Loving like Jesus means sacrificing for others.

Several ladies from the host church sacrificed as they left the service early to set up the food for the fellowship meal.  Not only did they set up and serve the food, they also ate last in order to serve everyone else first.  And when the meal was over, they stayed afterwards to help clean up.  Loving like Jesus means serving others, often without recognition.

Thinking back over the joint worship service and meal from this past Sunday causes me to be filled with gratitude and joy as I think about how the people of God joined together – even when they did not know each other – and showed the love of Christ to one another.  Loving like Jesus means loving others well whether we know them or not.  Be encouraged today to love like Jesus!

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