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For Others

For Others

by Angela McKnight
- Give, Love, Sacrifice, Serve

Almost everything Jesus did was not for Himself.  Have you ever thought about that?  He came to earth for others.  He lived a perfect life for others.  He performed miracles to help others.  He listened to others.  He died for others.  And now, He intercedes to the Father on behalf of others.  

This is love.  

If we are going to love like Jesus, our lives must be characterized by doing for others.  That kind of love can be demonstrated in countless ways, but it should be a core component of our lives.

Living for and serving others can be seen in every age and station of life.  For a college student, it may look like offering a ride so another student can attend worship or helping someone who doesn’t understand a class assignment.  It may mean offering to get coffee with a student who is lonely or going through a hard time.  

For a young mom, doing for others may look like fixing meals, bathing toddlers, or patiently disciplining.  For a middle-aged dad, loving may look like listening to a teen’s struggles with school or friends.  It may be seen in giving of your time to invest in discipling your children.

In the workplace, doing for others may mean taking your lunch break to help a co-worker or staying overtime to help finish a task.  Loving like Jesus may be seen by helping someone outside of work hours with a project at their house.

For a senior adult, doing for others may involve sitting with someone who is facing surgery or investing significant amounts of time in prayer for people.  Loving in the later years may be seen in spending time listening to a grandchild share at length about his or her interests.  

Whatever our season of life, if we are going to love like Jesus, we must be intentional about doing for others.  When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He consistently gave of His time and energy for people.  While He did take time to withdraw and spend time alone in prayer, the vast majority of His time was spent loving others by what He did.  

Anything we do to show the love of God to others is worth our investment of time and energy.  Jesus set an example for us of spending His time doing for others.  His earthly life was not lived out for Himself, but rather for others.  If we want to love like Jesus, we also must spend our days doing for others.  

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