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For the Love of…the Good News

For the Love of…the Good News

by Matt Henslee
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Recently, baseball returned to my TV. In a year when all seemed to go wrong, this seemed to be a glimpse of something going right.

I grew up with yearly visits to the Astrodome. My parents were friends of Drayton McLane (then owner), and we got the VIP treatment each summer. I played catch with the likes of Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, I saw the first blueprints of what became Minute Made Park, and this developed a young love of the game known as Amerca’s Pasttime.

Years later, I became the batboy of the Grand Praire High School baseball team. We were perennial playoff contenders and advanced to state one year on the backs of two standout pitchers, Kerry Wood and Kevin Walker. Over the few years we shared in the dugout, Kerry and Kevin became mentors and friends, which only served to make this far-less-talented pitcher think he could have the same success.

A few years ago, Rebecca and I met the four girls we eventually adopted at a Texas Rangers game. In was 1000 degrees, but we were smitten. The love I had for the game of baseball certainly took a backseat to the love that began to grow into the “Henslee Party of Six.” And yet, there was something extra special about my love of baseball being the backdrop of this momentous change in our lives.

Shortly after our adoption (in fact, the very next day), we left for Kentucky to preach a revival. We had just experienced the good news of hearing our adoption was final, but I was set to declare the Good News of adoption as offered by God in the gospel. Shortly after our arrival home, we took in a game between the Rangers and Astros, and I could not tell you the score. All I really remember is leading a man to the Lord while I waited on our order from the concession stand.

You see, the love of the game, the love of our girls, and the love of the Good News seems to have become a part of my DNA. I love baseball, but I love my girls more. I love my girls, but I love God and the privilege of sharing His gospel even more.

What do you love? There are probably a few things, I would suspect. As you aim to love like Jesus, aim to have your love for God, His Word, and passing it on rise above it all. Love well, brothers and sisters!

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