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Time to Memorize

Time to Memorize

by Angela McKnight
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Recently I have been working through a discipleship book with two friends from my church.  For the past two weeks, one of our assignments for the lesson was to review our Scripture memory verses for fourteen consecutive days.  In the course of completing the assignment, I realized how little time it actually takes per day to go over a few verses.  It’s simply a matter of making it a priority.  

But taking a few minutes each day to review the verses I had committed to memory is definitely worth the small investment of time.  For me, it is just a matter of putting it on my to do list for the day and spending the necessary time to get it done.  

The benefits?  A keen focus on God’s Word.  Opportunities to use those memorized verses in conversations with others.  Assurance of God’s promises in my own life.  Encouragement to continue memorizing more Scripture.  And the list could go on.

As followers of Christ, there is really nothing better for us to fill our minds with than God’s Word.  Memorizing verses from the Bible can help us learn.  It can be an encouragement to us.  It can keep us from fear and error.  The impact is immeasurable.  

In Jesus’ earthly ministry, He used the Word of God to combat the temptations that Satan hurled at Him.  He also used it to teach the people who followed Him and to reveal His own identity.  The Scripture was central to Jesus’ ministry.

Likewise, the Bible should be central in our lives if we are seeking to live like Jesus.  There are multiple ways in which we can be intaking God’s Word, such as reading it and hearing sermons based on it, but memorizing it solidifies it in our hearts and minds in the deepest way.

We may only remember a small percentage of what we read, and an even smaller percentage of what we only hear, but what we memorize will be remembered to a far greater extent – even long term.

I am currently reviewing 11 verses and learning two new ones, and it only takes a few minutes a day.  You don’t have to tackle a huge passage of Scripture, but if Bible memorization is not currently part of your weekly pursuits, I would encourage you to set a goal this week to memorize at least one verse.  

As you memorize God’s Word, you will likely find yourself being challenged and encouraged in multiple ways.  Memorizing passages from the Bible is an important endeavor, but it is not likely that it will become something that you feel a sense of urgency about unless you make it a priority.  So, schedule time regularly to invest a few minutes in memorizing Scripture.  The benefit will certainly be significant in your life as you are implanting truth deeply in your heart and mind.

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